Johannes Fast

Cartoon Network x Hot Wheels

Cartoon Network x Hot Wheels // Monster Trucks

Every kid's dream to grow up and make their very own Hot Wheels commercial finally came true over here. This is one for the aaaaages.

Client: Cartoon Network / Mattel
Agency: Cartoon Network
Directed by Giant Ant & Kiddo

Giant Ant
Executive Producer: Teresa Toews
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
Art Direction: Rafael Mayani
Storyboard, Animatic: Rafael Mayani, Jay Grandin
Set Design: Jay Grandin, Rafael Mayani
Art Department: Jay Grandin, Rafael Mayani, Mona Fani, Johannes Fast, Genice Chan, Teresa Toews
Illustration: Rafael Mayani, Genice Chan
2D Animation: Henrique Barone, Diego Maclean, Taylor Peters, Johannes Fast, Shawn Hight
Compositing: Matt James, Diego Maclean, Johannes Fast, Shawn Hight
Colour: Matt James

Creative Direction: Michael Milardo, Leah Nelson
Producer: Robyn Farnham
Director of Photography: Byron Kopman
Assistant Camera: Kelvin Wong 
Gaffers: Ian Barret, Paul Macey
Key Grip: Mark Yates
Dolly Grip: Tyler Bird
Best Boy: Earl Kjargaard
Editing: Rob Forbes

Audio: Cartoon Network